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    Do you want to build great cloud applications? How about joining a fun and productive team of technical specialists, who want to transform the next generations of web platforms?


The Ixonn team is about choice

Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the world in 4 countries and growing. We track all projects on cloud delivered, web-enabled platforms with private chat rooms and collaboration. We use all the tools you love like Slack, Jira and Trello. Because of the geographic variance, we’re active 24/7. We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.

Our joining process.

When you make it past our interview stage will invite you to do a project together on contract. These small projects last between two to six weeks depending on how much time you can provide This help you and us to see how we work together. When you join full-time, you’ll do customer support for our cloud platforms for the first month and spend a  couple of week in support every year, regardless of your position. We believe an early and ongoing connection with the people who use our products is the best way to stay focused.

Annual Meetups

We get the whole company together once a year so that everyone in the Ixonn family can create bonds that influence them all year long. So far we met in Sydney, Australia and Tel Aviv, Israel. In addition to our all-company yearly meetup, teams meet for several days a year on many occasions within their global regions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Intellectual and international diversity is something that we strongly embody at Ixonn. It is up to us to stay open-minded so that powerful ideas can rise to the surface and come to fruition. Yet we recognize that we have so much more work to do in embracing the many differences that our community represents. We hope you consider joining us on our journey toward ever-increasing diversity and inclusion.